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Our Mission

    Since 2009 we’ve been baking crave-worthy cookies that don’t sabotage wellness goals but in fact reinforce them.


Our Story

    Far too many so-called ‘healthy snacks aren’t really all that good for you: many cannot be eaten by people with food and allergy intolerances; many are made with lab-made vitamin and protein concentrates; and many of the ingredients that are substituted for fats and sugars simply aren’t good for you. And you already know that much of the ‘reduced-calorie, reduced-fat’ fare leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to taste.


  Here at CraveRight™, delicious healthy treats are our specialty.All our cookies are gluten an nut free and 100% vegan. To ensure the pristine nature of our cookies, we bake and prepare them in a dedicated gluten-and nut-free environment so you never need to worry cross-contamination.


   Each cookie we create is rich in antioxidants, and packed with essential amino acids. But the wholesome goodness doesn’t stop there. Our cookies do not contain empty-calorie ingredients; there are no flours, starches or fillers in our cookies; every ounce propels you forward without weighing you down.


   CraveRight™ cookies are iron- and calcium-rich and low sodium, great for pregnant moms, children and people on restricted-sodium diets.

    For thousands of years, Middle and Far East civilizations have lauded the benefits of the natural ingredients we use in our cookies.Because we source and minimally process (without chemicals!) only the finest ingredients from the earth closest to their natural states, our cookies are free of contaminants. Additionally, our cookies are Kosher-certified.


The Crave Commitment to the Environment


  Even our packaging honors the earth! We use craft bags made of 40% recycled material and encourage our buyers to repurpose every CraveRight™ bag as a lunch bag (they’re superior as preservers of wholesome goodness) before recycling them. Our cookie recipes are intended to require minimum baking time to conserve energy.


The Crave Guarantee


     We’re so sure you’ll love CraveRight™  cookies that they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love them every bit as much as we believe you will, we’ll send your money back, no questions asked.



Nature offers a lush source of nourishment and unlimited rich flavors. Copycat, lab-produced knock-offs come nowhere near it. —Roya S.


    The genesis of CraveRight™ began when I was a small child. As a lifelong food intolerance-sufferer, I endured almost-constant stomach aches, digestive disorders, and other health challenges from a very early age. My parents realized early on that what they fed me had a direct effect on how well I felt and on my energy levels. They discovered that whenever I ate whole foods, I felt fine. It didn’t take me long to figure this out, too, so I’ve pretty much always been obsessed with baking ‘goodies’ that are really good in two ways: health promoting and great-tasting.

    With my roots planted in ancient Persia I was always passionate about my ancestors’ ancient wisdom. Since i was a child, I’ve been inventing uncommon, tasty, earth-sourced recipes and baking them into delicious and naturally-nutritious delights. With family members and friends gobbling these treats up as soon as I remove them from the oven, I decided to!


    My mission now is to share my ready-made healthy snacks with you. My passion is to introduce delicious, naturally nutritious delights that promote wellness and genuine satisfaction.




Crave Right, Indulge Happily!

Roya  S. 



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