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Single-Serve Cookie Packs

 Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie - Single Serve Pack1  Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie - Single Serve Pack


Try these delightfully rich Brownie chocolate chip cookies and satisfy your chocoalte craving. They are made with premium chocolate and rich in antioxidants and minerals. Experience this true bite of joy with confidence because there are zero startches or empty calorie flours added in these and any CraveRight cookies!

Crave Right.

                   Indulge with Confidence...



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 Chocolate Chip Cookie - Single Serve Pack1  Chocolate Chip Cookie - Single Serve Pack

We are confident that once you try these chocolate chip cookies you will want to have more. They are deliciously rich and nutritious at the same time! They are packed with natural antioxidants and minerals, and as always made with only real food ingredients.

Crave Right. Crave One. 

                             Eat Two...


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 Sesame Crunch Cookie - Single Serve Pack1  Sesame Crunch Cookie - Single Serve Pack

Choose our sought-after Sesame Crunch cookies and make yourself proud that you did so!  Our sesame cookies are high in protein and low in sugar. They are the ultimate source of Essential Amino Acids and Antioxidant Sesaminol, with an out-of-this-world sweet and rich taste. And a texture similar to famous sesame brittle candy without the sugar load! 

Crave Right. 

                     Indulge And Enjoy...       



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